Multiparameter AP-2000-D


The AP-2000-D is the smaller of the advanced portable multiparameter water monitoring probes. It comes with a range of standard sensors included, it also offers some customization options that allow you to add even more sensors to the probe.

The multiparameter AP-2000-D set, consisting of GPS Aquameter, Aquaprobe AP-2000-D with DO (optical), EC, pH, Redox, Salinity, depth and temperature and 2 extra ports for optional sensors (ISE or optical), with 3 meter cable, accessories and fluids in solid case. 

The Aquameter has a built in pressure sensor for barometric compensation along with an integrated GPS receiver to pinpoint every data set in Google earth.

Using the provided PC utility, you can view recorded data, save and archive and export the data. Export as a detailed text report, as an Excel file or as a Google file for viewing in Google Earth and Google Maps.

Benefits Aquameter

  • Ergonomic curved design sits nice in the hand, with rubber gasket for added grip in wet condition
  • IP-67 enclosure
  • Backlit display; display of all the parameters being measured; scroll left and right to view
  • Large rubber keypad
  • Rugged, metal connectors provide extreme durability where its needed most
  • Powered by 5 x ’AA’ cells
  • Very easy to use; simple menu system
  • Built in GPS receiver to enable location tagging with every data set, view data in Google Earth
  • Built in air pressure sensor for atmospheric compensation
  • 3-point pH calibration set to 4.01, 7.00 and 10.00
  • Record data at the touch of a button, press M+ to record full data set including all parameters, GPS data and calibration data
  • View recorded data including calibration details

Benefits AP-2000-D probe

  • Probes come as standard with a fully calibrated, advanced optical DO sensor
  • Extra sensor ports allow users to insert 1 ISE and 1 optical sensor or 2 ISE sensors
  • Probes have a built in connector allowing quick and easy cable exchange, submersible to up to 100m*

* 100 m submersion for period of 1 week, 30 m submersion suitable for permanent deployment, depth measurement up to 60 m.