Hand Auger Set


The ergonomic hand auger set for heterogeneous soils consists of an ergonomic upper piece in a special carrying bag and a number of different soil augers and various accessories contained in a transport case and carry bag. The special carry bag makes it possible to transport the ergonomic top piece, together with a selection of accessories, to the drilling site. An auger consists of a lower piece containing the auger body, to which the upper piece that has the ergonomically shaped hand grip can be joined. One or more extension pieces may need to be fitted in between. In contrast to a single-piece auger, this auger set can be used for virtually any type of soil. The set is light and easy to manage and can be used by one person.


The ergonomic hand auger set for heterogeneous soils is used to carry out manual auguring and sampling in a wide range of different soils in an ergonomically sound way and is particularly suitable for general soil investigation (descriptions of composition, geology, mineralogy) and environmental research. . It can carry out drillings to a depth of 5 meters, depending on the depth of the groundwater, the build-up of the soil and the nature of the material to be drilled into. For every type of soil above or under the groundwater table there is an auger type that is specifically suited to that situation. During the drilling process changes can be made from one type of auger to another without any problems (instructions for use).





Drilling diameter

7 cm

Maximum sample depth

5 m

Product material

iron, other material

Sample length

10 cm

Sample specification


Sampler position


Package size

120 x 65 x 30 cm


29 kg


  • Soil profile description and classification
  • Soil sampling above groundwater table
  • Soil sampling below groundwater table
  • Archaeological soil research
  • Environmental soil research

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